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[08 Sep 2006|03:09pm]

Although, it's not for another 3 months, I thought you all should know.

I got this in an email today from godaddy:

"Domain names you have selected to renew manually:
You have elected that the domain name(s) above renew manually. This means that they WILL EXPIRE if you do not log in to your account and renew them by 12/7/2006.

You must manually renew these domain names by 12/7/2006.

I will not renew the domain name because it's been completely useless anyway. We've never gotten back in touch with rob and he doesn't respond to any of my emails.
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UM's mini mag-- [08 Sep 2006|10:27am]

Is the robot still in michi's car? or did she take it to starbot? im going to take the mag out of it to test it and return it...
question: what is the situation with the wire on the motor? i never really looked at it since i was freaking out about the driving, so im not too sure whats going on with that... what should i do about it?

is anyone else doing battlebots at college?
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[07 Aug 2006|04:41pm]


Marvin and Checkmate are on there :)
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[02 Aug 2006|08:25am]


hmc's machine shops:

The Tools machine shops have: 3 vertical treemills, 3 harrison lathes, a few drill presses, 1 arbour (sp) press, 1hydraulic shear, 1 metal band-saw, 1 spot welder, 2 heat-treatingovens, 2 sheet metal benders, 2 wood lathes, 1 wood band-saw, 1 woodbelt sander, 2 circular saws.

Mike Wheeler's shop has: 1 CNC mill, 1 CNC lathe, a few band-saws,a new CNC waterjet cutter (i think...or was that a rumor?), a few MIG,TIG, oxy/C2H2 welders/cutters, and i'm sure a few different tubebenders.
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We need to get together soooon. [24 Jul 2006|10:40pm]

We need to all get together before anyone leaves to college. I know ET leaves soon (when do you come back?). I think like 3rd week of august (aug 14-20) maybe we're all here? We should really all do something together, lets try to figure out if there's a date when we're all here...

Michi: late aug?
Bri: Aug 26 or so?
Caro: Aug 20-something
Traci: ??
ET: Aug 20th
Noele: ??
Me: school starts aug 21th
Karina: college trip til Aug 16-ish.
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Funny picture [23 Jun 2006|06:39pm]
I was looking around on my computer and I found this picture. Thought it was funny..
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[05 May 2006|03:08pm]

for those who dont read/recieve mr.c's emails:


BattleBots (equivalent) in Brazi1 July 15-16

second place gets almost $1000 (where's our cash prize?! lol)

if we dont have to pay for it, would you guys be crazy enough to consider going? its insane to try it with only 2 1/2 months left, but i thought i would throw it out there anyway!
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OMGZ [02 May 2006|10:15am]

it just hit me....



btw- i feel a ton better... i talked to all the people i need to talk to and my life is slowly but surely resuming to a normal state ... yayness

I LOVEEE!!!!!::::

-paul v.
-mike UM
-mark UM
- ray :P
and of course aallllll 8888 freaking members of MNG


get ready for marvin 3.0 - something like you've never seen b4 !

madd love,
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i need a shrink [01 May 2006|08:35am]

[ mood | crappy ]

i am so freaking depressed!!!

so depressed i have signed back on to Livejournal and began writing...

my life is shit right now... i hate this feeling...i get it every year after IQ and I HATE SCHOOL!

im depressed that everyone has left and i dunno when i am going to see them again.

i need a hug... really bad...

soo0o0o many ppl are madd at me right now its rediculous and i think we need a bar-b-que like ASAP and i really mean that cuz im dying...

im back in livejournal

MNG+ 2nd place = FAMAZING ( luv you guys soooo freaking much)

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[20 Apr 2006|10:40pm]

So I had nothing else to do tonight and started working on the money stuff that I have for documentation. This is what I have for money spent.

So it's the money, then what it's for, then who it was given to (or who bought it or whatever):

$80 Baseplate Bri
$619.50 DeWalts ET
$45 Aluminum Traci
$648 Mag Motors ET
$40 Belts, Shrinkwrap Caro
$289.70 Fan guards, Thor SC, PWMs ET
$400 Batteries ET
$74 Caro

If there is anything else you can think of that we've spent (and I know there's more than what's here), let me know. Like I know Traci bought the chromoly, but that's unaccounted for in my records (you spent the extra money from checkmate, right?) Plus, Caro, I gave you money today, but I don't know what it was for.

If you reply here, I'll add whatever to the list. I'll print out what I have and bring it tomorrow (I'll be there later in the afternoon because I have my doctor's appointment at the hospital tomorrow and I don't know how long that will be).
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[16 Apr 2006|11:15am]


watch the weight.
Karina checked it on saturday and it looks like we have 2lbs for bearrings, filler rod, shaft collars and wire...

    drive train assembly:
  1. check Victors to make sure they work - wire them

  2. decide on victor to dewalt ration (1:1 or 1:2)

  3. Wire victors

  4. Check if Isaac-16 works

  5. wire isaac

  6. get PWM cables

  7. fine PWM clips - attatch those.

  8. retaining structure for dewalts

    weapon assembly
  1. test mags

  2. wire mags

  3. check thors

  4. wire thors

  5. redrill on of the holes in the mag mount - the one that doesn't align with the infastructure

  6. drill holes into infastructure for mag mounts

  7. turn down mag shafts

  8. broche pulleys

  9. find 1/8" key stock for mags/pulleys

  10. drill and tap top of the mag shaft

  11. purchase washers for that thing.

  12. find two extra 1/2" shaft collars (there should be some in the box)

  13. mount mags

  14. mount 1-1/2" shaft collars and bearrings and pulley

  15. purchase belts

  16. attatch belts

  17. check tension

  18. test weapon assembly

  19. backup tensioning system for mags

  1. attatch switch

  2. wire switch

  3. funnel thing for the switch

  4. hole in the top plate for switch.

  5. get a battery pack for the IFI (wire it, get a sharger for it, mount it)

  6. switch for IFI battery

  7. hole for that switch

  8. batteries - nag eddy. a lot.

  9. get LED's - green and red?

And traci has started the shell. She should be working on that this week :)
It's going to be a bitch for her so I suggest no one get on her nerves unless you want a tongue lashing O:-)
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[03 Apr 2006|05:44pm]

left to purchase:
S7 ($40 + SH)
Mag Motors ($600 +SH)
Belts ($40 + SH)

elizabeth ann turner; how much money is currently sitting in the green box at your house?
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[26 Mar 2006|10:55pm]

So I ordered the batteries. For real this time. Unless they are out of stock, they should ship in around 48 hours.

They cost $400 even.

Just letting you all know =)
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[19 Mar 2006|10:55am]


i think we should decorate our crate with this poster.
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[15 Mar 2006|09:25pm]

I ordered:
Shaft collars - $22
Anderson connectors - $17
Chromoly bar - $57
bearings - $40

I should be ordering the chromoly sheet tomorrow during business hours. ($157+shipping)
Traci is giving me the $260 from what Checkmate owed us for hotel tomorrow which almost covers what I'm buying.

ET, I'll let you know if I want/need any further reimbursement
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[07 Mar 2006|10:41pm]

To DO:
Fix shaft – weld and the stuff (Traci)
Get bigger wires for the dewalts and such (ALL)
Mount and wire motors. (Whomever is available at the time)
Sand down dewalt shafts to fit in bearing blocks (on the lathe) (ditto the above)
Order battery bars (ET w/caro)
Order chromoly (ET w/Traci)
Get money for mags (ALL)

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[06 Mar 2006|06:27pm]


Money Update!

I recounted all of the money that I personally have in my posession. These totals do not include the money made yesterday (Thomas).


Left over money from last year: $82.49.
Money that we haven't spent from this year: $360.67.


I'm ordering the batteries tonight as soon as my dad gets home and gives me the credit card. Caro, I'll be calling you for exact info.

Also, unrelated to money, the email mentioned sending the video out to a company (can't remember which one). Are we just sending the video? I was thinking if there was any way to add pictures, either a slideshow or just a folder with a bunch of photos. I think it would be beneficial because we don't have footage of everything, like us working our asses off after the batteries exploded. Just a thought.

EDIT: I ordered the batteries last night.
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[22 Feb 2006|07:27am]

From yesterday:

finish the bearing bearing blocks. get driving chassis. MKAYUZORSZ?
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starbot's shutting down?!!!! [20 Feb 2006|10:16am]

[ mood | shocked ]

I'm sure you all got the email.

The warehouse
complex where Starbot is located was sold and the new owner is turning the
building into condominium warehouses. 
They have told us we have to vacate the building by March
17th. Not good news since the National BBIQ Competition is being held
in Miami April 26-30 at Coconut Grove Convention

Now, we, as a team, have a backup plan. But this means we have to get up an at 'em RIGHT NOW. this week, I want to do starbot immersion camp since it won't be there much longer.

Traci got the AL and there's a lot we can do with that - especially on the mill. We can go to simmon's and get the AL for the big pulley and start working on that. Alex gave us back the AL for the bearing blocks because he's too busy to make them, so that's more mill work. We need to order the batteries.

holy shit. starbot is closing

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[30 Jan 2006|09:15am]



“Ford, Honda, and Toyota use nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, which the Honda Emergency Response Guide for Hybrid Vehicles claims are ‘non-flammable’ and ‘non-explosive.’"

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