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starbot's shutting down?!!!!

I'm sure you all got the email.

The warehouse
complex where Starbot is located was sold and the new owner is turning the
building into condominium warehouses. 
They have told us we have to vacate the building by March
17th. Not good news since the National BBIQ Competition is being held
in Miami April 26-30 at Coconut Grove Convention

Now, we, as a team, have a backup plan. But this means we have to get up an at 'em RIGHT NOW. this week, I want to do starbot immersion camp since it won't be there much longer.

Traci got the AL and there's a lot we can do with that - especially on the mill. We can go to simmon's and get the AL for the big pulley and start working on that. Alex gave us back the AL for the bearing blocks because he's too busy to make them, so that's more mill work. We need to order the batteries.

holy shit. starbot is closing
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