andrea (_actualreality) wrote in mean_n_green,

We need to get together soooon.

We need to all get together before anyone leaves to college. I know ET leaves soon (when do you come back?). I think like 3rd week of august (aug 14-20) maybe we're all here? We should really all do something together, lets try to figure out if there's a date when we're all here...

Michi: late aug?
Bri: Aug 26 or so?
Caro: Aug 20-something
Traci: ??
ET: Aug 20th
Noele: ??
Me: school starts aug 21th
Karina: college trip til Aug 16-ish.
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i leave august 22nd
ET's in canda till the 12th
traci's back the 5th
i leave august 22nd
I'm officially gone July 28th (leave at 6 am) til August 12 (get home at like midnight). And I found out this morning that I'm either leaving for school August 19 or 20th.
I leave the 28th, start school the 3rd.

Has anyone found any cold weather shops in Miami? All I can think of is Peter Glenn... I went and they had some stuff but it's mostly ski jackets.
Actually I think I start the 5th. I have no idea. I'm going to suck at college.